Metabo Lithium HD Batteries

Ever since lithium started being used in batteries, the world has gone crazy about lithium mines and the supply of the metal matching demand. Elon Musk started a revolution when he began manufacturing electric cars that would be affordable for every person. Lithium demands started a whole new wave of exploration and mining development so that the world would not run out of lithium.


Cordless Drill Driver Buying Guide

As the weather moves into spring, and with it Father’s Day, (don’t forget), the jobs that were put off while you hibernated are starting to prick the conscience. If some of the projects you have lined up are not a lot bigger than hanging a few pictures, or putting up some shelves, then the chances are you’ll just need a budget-priced drill driver. If you have your favourite brand, Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, for example, then perhaps a 12v model with a couple of spare batteries and a charger will do the trick.


The Investment Concept of Cordless Kits

An Investment

If you play the stock market then you know the meaning of ‘great investment’. What does that really mean? Well, if you buy something at a certain price and it either increases in value or becomes a very beneficial object that you might use quite often, then you can refer to that as a great investment. Power tools fall into that category.


Picking the Right Power Tools

Cordless or electric? Milwaukee or some other brand? Is there any difference between them, and is it something you really need to know? The simple answer to that is, of course you need to know.


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