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Looking for the best hand saw for your purpose? Check our wide range of hand saw types for sale for cutting metal, wood and other common hand saw uses.


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More about Hand Saws


Long before the advent of electricity, people used hand saws to cut wood for buildings, fences, ships and all manner of other things. If you are under the impression that power saws have eliminated the need for hand saws, you are wrong. A good quality hand saw is still a valuable part of the woodworking tools found in any work shop or tool chest.

Get Tools Direct has a great selection of high quality, name brand hand saw types, available for you to shop and buy online with speedy delivery to your door.

Categories of Hand Saws carried by Get Tools Direct:

Coping Saws - for cutting fine shapes in wood.

Drywall Saws - otherwise known as keyhole saws, alligator saws, pad or jab saws. A long fixed, folding or retractable blade for cutting into various materials.

General Handsaws including tenon saws - these saws feature right and left handed models with coarse and fine blades for general purpose, flooring and veneer as well as tenon saws, cross cut and metal hand saws.

Hacksaws - general purpose, professional, heavy duty and high tension hacksaws and frames in all sizes, including junior and compact models.

Hack Saw

See our full range which includes different types of hand saws from Stanley, Bahco, Kincrome, Milwaukee, Gardena, Harden and many more.

You can find a hand mitre saw or other hand saw or woodworking tools, along with thousands of other superior quality, name brand products you may need, at Get Tools Direct and save big bucks.

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